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Your child deserves the very best. By choosing Milk Tiger from Zott, you are consciously opting for a nutritionally aware lifestyle. Our products are made from fresh milk, and enriched with valuable calcium and vitamin D. They contain only natural flavours, with no added artificial colours or preservatives.

The Zott Milk Tiger range is the new children's range from the gourmet dairy Zott. Thanks to many years of experience in the children's segment, Zott has successfully applied their full expertise to this range, which was launched in 2017 in more than 40 countries globally.

Yes, the following Zott Milk Tiger products are halal certified:

  • Milk Tiger Fresh Cheese Vanilla, Banana and Strawberry
  • Milk Tiger Pudding
  • Milk Tiger/Cheese Tiger Cheese Snack Classic, Strawberry and Vanilla

These products contain no pork products or alcohol. Halal certification is issued by recognised external halal certification authorities.

Fresh cheese belongs to our "Quark" category.

We generally recommend storing our Milk Tiger products at a maximum temperature of +8°C.
The exception here is the Zott Milk Tiger/Cheese Tiger Cheese Snack Classic. Because this is a processed cheese, the product can be eaten after around 8 hours without it being chilled without a problem.

The Milk Tiger drink is a yoghurt drink.

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