Colourful money box with fun hen design

This hen lays especially valuable eggs

Make a colourful money box with your children, in a fun hen design

Saving can be fun too - with the Milk Tiger hen money box. It couldn't be easier for you and your children to make this money box, with a fun hen design. Every hen money box can be individually designed, and makes a great ornament in a child's room.

It's hard to explain the importance of saving to children. They don't understand how to plan for the mid to long-term future. The Milk Tiger hen money box helps. Because it's fun feeding spending money to the hen money box. The hen money box may not ultimately lay any golden eggs, but the money saved can be used to buy a bigger toy, for example. You'll have everything you need at home, or can get it from a hardware store.

You will need:

  • 1 empty Milk Tiger fresh cheese pot
  • Rigid card (approx. 10 x 10 cm)
  • 1 sheet of coloured mounting board or rigid card
  • Coloured feathers
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Felt-tip pen
  • Ruler

Step by step: Let's do it!


Step 1: The money slot

The money slot is cut into the base of the Milk Tiger fresh cheese pot. It is best to first mark the slot using a felt-tip pen. It needs to be around 3 cm long and 0.5 cm wide. Then get your parents to help you carefully cut out the slot with a pair of scissors.

Step 2: The bottom of the money box

Place the Milk Tiger fresh cheese pot opening on the card, and use a pencil to trace the outline of the pot onto the card. Then cut out the outline on the card, and glue it onto the pot opening. The money box itself is ready. Wait until the glue has dried completely before you start to decorate the hen money box.

Step 3: The hen money box's comb

A real hen needs a splendid comb. To make one, you will need a square of the coloured mounting board measuring approx. 3 x 3 cm. Cut a jagged line measuring around 1 cm along one of the board's four sides. On the opposite side, fold a strip measuring approx 0.5 cm wide at right angles, and use the folded strip to glue the comb right next to the money slot.

Step 4: The hen money box's beak

Use a pencil and ruler to draw a diamond shape on the mounting board, and then use scissors to cut it out. The diamond should be around 4 to 5 cm high and around 2 cm wide. Fold the diamond along the narrower diagonal to form a "beak", and stick one side of the beak to the money box.

Step 5: Eyes and feathers for the hen money box

Now use a little glue to attach the two wiggle eyes to the money box above the left and right side of the beak. Finally, don't forget to give your hen money box an impressive coat of feathers. To do this, stick some coloured feathers to the right and left of the eyes, and on the back. Make sure that the feathers stand up above the top of the money box. Your fun hen money box is ready!

Step 6: Finish

When the hen money box is full, there's no need to "slaughter", or completely destroy it. Simply remove the bottom card carefully, using a knife. Once you've emptied it, you can simply stick the base back on.